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willie robertson
Willie Robertson Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $21.5 Million

Willie Jess Robertson is a man with multiple talents, his outgoing personality, charisma, seriousness, and hard work-ship are qualities and virtues that make him one of the most interesting characters on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” show. If you watch the show as much as I do, then you have probably noticed that he’s one of the leaders of the “Duck Commander” empire, and he’s probably responsible in a big way for his family’s recent success. If my analysis is correct, then what I think happened was that Phil (Willie’s dad) combined his experience and skills with his son’s innovative capabilities and vision to get to the point where they are today, and that is at the very top of the entertainment and duck call making industries.

Yes, Willie is a multi-talented man who’s been able to accomplish a lot throughout his life, he’s a great businessman, hunter, author and a very popular TV personality. And, even though the show has brought him a lot of fame, he does make more money from his own business, which is making and selling duck calls, than from his salary on the show, which is a bit more than $200,000 per episode that gets divided between all 11 cast members, according to E! Online. So, I’m guessing that Willie must be getting paid around $40,000 per episode, not bad at all, but that’s nothing compared to his earnings as CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

If you are one of our regular readers, then I’m sure that you are fully aware of the fact that “Duck Dynasty” is one of my favorite shows on TV, it’s probably the best reality show that I’ve ever seen. I’m really bummed though, because A&E is about to cancel the show due to several controversial comments made on homosexuality by Willie’s father and current patriarch of the family Phil Robertson.

From what I’ve heard, A&E was not going to cancel the entire show, they were going to end Phil’s contract only, however, the whole family stood by him and showed him support, so their reaction basically was that if Phil could not continue on the show, they wouldn’t either, therefore, since there’s no cast, there’s no show. Game Over!

I think A&E will probably lose more than the Robertson family, they are not allowing freedom of speech in the network, and that’s a clear violation to constitutional rights. So, I think the Robertson’s will probably end up getting richer once the legal battles are over, which will only add up to the family’s whopping $400 million dollar empire.

Wait, did I just say $400 million? According to Forbes and E! Television that’s what Willie’s company “Duck Commander” is worth, and even though he’s not the President yet, he will be someday, and when that day comes his net wealth will definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

But, how much is Willie Robertson really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines Willie Jess has an estimated net worth of $20 million, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account his most recent work, salary and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that he has a total fortune of $21.5 million dollars approximately.

Forbes has not included Willie on their 100 Richest Celebrities list yet, but I think that they’re about to, because articles about how rich his family is have already been published, so I’m sure it won’t take long before he gets his spot on the coveted list.

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