Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $64 Million

Wendy Williams Hunter is a radio and tv host, actress, and author who has been able to become incredibly rich and famous mostly thanks to the success of her syndicated television talk show called “The Wendy Williams Show”. Williams is a beautiful, active, hardworking lady who isn’t afraid of failure, therefore, she’s capable of doing practically anything that she sets her mind to, that’s the real reason of why she’s worked on so many different things and have success.

Williams began her career back in the late 80s, her first job was at WVIS in the Virgin Islands, then she moved to New York City and found a job opportunity as a substitute DJ on WRKS, eventually she was hired full time in order to host the station’s morning show, and in 1993 she received the Billboard Award for Best On-Air Radio Personality. From that moment on her career started to take giant leaps forward until she finally landed her own daytime television talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” on Fox, which debuted in 2008.

wendy williams
Wendy Hunter has had quite an intensive career, she’s been hosting radio talk shows for years, she’s now hosting her own TV show, and she’s done a lot of different things throughout her life like being an actress and appearing on television series and films such as “The Cookout” and “Law and Order” among several others. Williams is also an accomplished author who’s written six books, and she is also a talented business woman who currently sells a line of jewelry products on the home shopping network called “Adorn By Wendy Williams”.

But, how much is Wendy Williams really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines she currently has an estimated net worth of $60 million and a salary of $15 million per year, other sources claim that she’s worth somewhere around $17 or $18 million. However, after making our own calculations and taking into account the most recent information about her career, salary, and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that she has a total fortune of $64 million dollars approximately.

Forbes Magazine has not ranked Wendy yet on their 100 Richest Celebrities list.


  1. Go Wendy I made not personaly. However Wendy you doing your thung

  2. Personally like Wendy however she is doing her thing sorry

    • Pam Coleman says:

      I don’t care what she is worth, I have gotten to the point I don’t watch her show anymore. I am tired of her crying poverty, drooling whenever she talks about food and last but least Hot Topics. Who cares what celebrities do who are they anyway. I have respect for Scientist, Astronauts whomever can serve mankind not some dumb ass like Lindsey Lohan, incorrect spelling. I have now switched to Rachael Ray, who provides a show of substance not what the who cares of the world are doing, just my opinion!

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