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Taylor Swift Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $225 Million

Taylor Swift is definitely a very beautiful and talented young girl, however, I do believe that she’s actually overrated, and maybe even overpaid, I mean, she’s no Madonna, but yet she has an estimated net worth of $225 million dollars. Ok, maybe I’m being a little bit hard on her, truth is that I don’t even listen to country music that much, I enjoy it at times, but I don’t follow any artists, buy cd’s, watch videos, or stuff like that, so I might not be the appropriate person to criticize her.

Taylor Alison Swift is not only beautiful, I also mentioned earlier that she’s an amazingly talented human being, but she has more than just mere talent, in fact, when it comes to country music, or music in general you could label her simply as a genius. When Taylor was only 14 years old she became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV, by that time she had already been playing guitar for nearly 4 years, and even played to a crowd of more than 30,000 people when she was only 12.

What most people don’t know is that this very brave young girl left RCA about a year later after signing the so talked about contract, she then signed with Big Machine Records which was a new record label launched by Scott Borchetta. The best part about this story is that even Taylor’s father bought a 3 percent stake in the company, and now the label has 7 Grammy awards to its belt all thanks to her.

According to Wikipedia, Taylor Swift has “sold more than 26 million albums and 75 million digital single downloads worlwide”, making her one of the best selling country singers in history, in fact, the main song from her album “Love Story” became the second best-selling country single of all time, and she also became one of the highest paid and richest country singers along the way.

But, how much is Taylor Swift really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines Taylor currently has an estimated net worth of $150 million, other people say that she’s actually worth somewhere around $105 million. However, after making our own calculations and taking into account more recent information about her career, deals, endorsements, salary and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that Swift might be just a little bit richer than what most people think or say, in fact, we believe that she has a total fortune of $225 million dollars approximately.

Forbes Magazine currently ranks her at No. 6 on their 100 Richest celebrities list with estimated earnings of $55 million as of 2013. Forbes will update this information in a couple of months, so make sure to save this page, that way it will be easier for you to keep yourself updated.


  1. Over rated is probably the most accurate line in this whole article. All credit to Swift for making a fortune out of selling meaningless trite candy floss pop music to young girls – but she’s no Prince – in 5 years there will be a new girl on the block and her albums will be in the bargain bucket in Walmart.

    Still LOLing at her withdrawing her album from Apple because “she isn’t paid” – I note the courage of her convictions doesn’t stretch to the entire back catalogue – cunning marketing ploy by Apple to advertise their services for free maybe?

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