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si robertson
Si Robertson Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $6 Million

Silas Merritt Robertson is actually one of the main reasons why I love and watch so much the “Duck Dynasty” tv show, I don’t know about you but I already feel like he’s part of the family, my family! He’s cool, calm, funny, caring and loving, and above all he’s wise and smart, I don’t know if you have noticed but Si always hands out the best advice in the show, even his brother, the great Phil Robertson has to pay attention when this guy speaks, because he knows that uncle Si usually knows what he’s talking about.

Who would ever think that old Silas would achieve such a great level of success at this stage of his life, uncle Si is now one of the most beloved characters in one of the highest rated reality TV shows on the planet, that means that almost everyone in the world knows who this guy is, he is also a very successful businessman and employee who currently works at Duck Commander, he’s also starring in the Outdoor’s Channel show “Buck Commander” and he has a really big family that loves him. Yes, it’s true, old Silas couldn’t ask for more, his life is perfect and if he keeps on working hard he will probably make even more money in the coming years.

So, how much is uncle Si really worth? Well, according to several magazines and websites Silas Robertson has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account the latest work he’s done we’ve come to the conclusion that he might be a little bit richer than what other sources are stating, we believe that uncle Si has a net worth of $6 million dollars approximately.


  1. Dr,.Brian Emery Harston says:

    I would simply like to applaud your efforts and moreover, the underlying grace, optimism and lightheartedness thread throughout the above article pertaining to Silas Robertson. It is truly refreshing to read an article/posting, op-ed, etc…anywhere these days which is NOT wrought with pervasive negativity, cynicism and the general apathy and disingenuous sarcasm which the general American ‘public’ (left-wing, pseudo-intellectuals) are so intent on weaving throughout the very fabric of modern American culture. Honest, genuine, Conservative Christian families and individuals such as the Robertson’s and, more specifically “Uncle Si” are seemingly under constant attack, character assassination and held with a general disdain simply for being HAPPY. God bless the Robertson family, the author of this article and God Bless America!

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