Rich Froning

Rich Froning Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $2.5 Million

Rich Froning Jr., also known or commonly referred to as “The Fittest Man Alive” is a professional CrossFit athlete who has been able to win every single CrossFit Games event since 2011, and that’s the main reason why most fitness fans consider him to be the most in shape person in the world. As you probably already know, CF is a very demanding sport that combines speed, strength, precision, agility, conditioning, and even strategy. I don’t know if you watched this year’s CF Games, but it was almost the same story as the previous years, Froning coming from behind to get his win. Some people would consider it luck, I call it strategy, because he doesn’t go all out in the earlier stages of the competition, instead he likes to wait and save energy in order to give his opponents a beating when it matters the most.

rich froning net worth

Rich Froning at the CrossFit Games

Froning has been the CrossFit Games champion four consecutive times, he placed second in the 2010 CF world finals, but he came back stronger than ever in 2011 to get his first win which included a $250,000 check plus a lot of endorsement deals that would soon allow him to become a very wealthy athlete.

In 2012 Rich won his second world CrossFit championship plus another $250,000 check, his second victory in this competition sealed the deal and soon more endorsements would be coming his way. In 2013 Reebok announced that Froning Jr. had earned his third title, as well as a piece of the $1.4 million prize purse. And in 2014 he won the world CrossFit Games for a fourth consecutive time, except that in this occasion he got paid somewhere around $400,000 just for finishing first, just imagine how much more money he was able to make from publicity deals, i.e. endorsements.

Richard is an amazing athlete, he’s genetically gifted and he has a very competitive nature that sets him apart from the rest, plus his parents placed a lot of value on hard work, a lesson that he learned at a very young age. Froning has 30 first cousins, 25 are boys, so competition probably came naturally to him, in fact, one of the few people on earth who can keep up with Froning’s intensity is his 21 year old cousin, Darren Hunsucker, a young up and comer in the sport of CrossFit that everyone is talking about.

How Much is Rich Froning Really Worth?

We believe that Richard Froning Jr. currently has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars approximately. His wealth comes from winning prize purses in CrossFit competitions and events, endorsement deals with brands such as Reebok and BSN among several others, and modeling gigs that he constantly lands in fitness and CF magazines.

Froning has not been included on the Forbes 100 Richest Celebrities list yet, neither on the Highest Paid Athletes list, but don’t worry about it, because he could very well be the first CrossFit athlete to make it there.

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