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Neymar Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $82 Million

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior is a football phenom and one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. I’m a big football (soccer) fan, and even though the kid has style, he isn’t nearly as good as everyone says, if he was he’d be doing the kind of stuff that Pele did when he was a young up and coming player, good enough to win a world cup at 17 years of age. Anyway, this young ahtlete is definitely very good at what he does, I’m just saying that he’s not and will never be Pele, the king of soccer. Junior is an exciting player, he’s flashy, he’s quick, and he’s a frightening attacker who’s currently playing for the Spanish professional football team F.C Barcelona, where he plays next to Messi as a forward, and he’s also the star of the Brazilian national soccer team.

Neymar is only 22 years old and he’s quickly become one of the highest paid athletes in the world, only God knows how much money he will make throughout his entire career. SportsPro Magazine named him the most marketable athlete in the world, and Forbes ranked Neymar at #16 on The World’s Highest Paid Athletes list of 2014 with estimated earnings of $33.6 million dollars during the last year. Forbes also reported that the young football star made $17.6 million in salary/winnings, and $16 million by way of endorsements.

It’s worth nothing that Neymar’s skills have earned him several nominations and awards throughout his short, yet highly productive and lucrative career. He is known for his incredible speed and technique which has allowed him to score an outstanding amount of goals in the last couple of years.

Da Silva Santos Junior began his career as a professional soccer player when he was just 15 years old, at that time he had a salary of just $4,000 per month, however, he quickly gained recognition and the respect of his coaches, and by 2009 he was already playing as a starter in the Santos team offense. In 2013, his dream of playing for one of the best football teams in Europe finally became true when he formed part of the spanish soccer team F.C Barcelona.

How Much is Neymar Worth?

Silva Santos Junior makes $20 million a year, reason why he’s currently considered the youngest highest paid athlete in the world. According to France Football Magazine he’s the seventh best paid soccer player, whereas Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo currently rank first and second respectively. Things are definitely looking good for this kid money wise, if he turns out to be as good as everyone expects him to be, then he will probably make as much money as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

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