Mitt Romney

mitt romney
Mitt Romney Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $250 Million

According to his media campaign Romney is an extremely wealthy man, the total value of his assets, financial, and properties are worth more than $250 million dollars, however, experts believe that the number seems to be a little bit low for a person who was involved in the private equity industry during the 1980’s and 1990’s, The Washington Post explains in full detail why he is not a richer man, Forbes also has an excellent article about Romney’s wealth and financial management, make sure to check it out.

Mitt Romney used to be the Governor of Massachusetts, he is also a former Mormon missionary, and a very successful businessman indeed. He made his fortune running a private equity firm called Bain Capital, which made billions through leveraged buyouts, when he left Bain Capital the firm was already managing more than $4 billion dollars, therefore, the source of all his money and power.

According to his campaign managers, Romney earned almost $9.5 million dollars in 2010, the source of that money came from private investments, pensions, conferences and other holdings. So how much is Mitt Romney Worth? According to the information provided by his campaign managers he’s worth somewhere around $250 to $254 million US dollars, that information could be right, but it could also be wrong. Now I’m not saying that they are lying to us, but maybe he doesn’t want people to know exactly how much he’s really worth, I don’t like people minding my business, so why should he be in favor of that?

Mitt Romney is a smart guy, I’m sure that he would have been a great president, he’s still relatively young, at least in the world of politics he is, so he could still be President of the United States someday, he just has to keep moving forward and stay positive and I’m sure that great things will come for him. And, since he is such a great businessman I’m sure that he will make even more money throughout his career, therefore, he will probably be worth more in the coming years.

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