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Michael Jordan Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $720 Million

Michael Jordan is simply the best professional basketball player of all-time and that’s why he’s so rich. Air Jordan made his money as an NBA player, through endorsements and as an avid businessman who has been able to seize all the opportunities presented to him throughout his life. Mike is not only one of the best basketball players in history, he was also a professional baseball player, a golfer who even competed in celebrity charity tournaments, and an actor who starred in a huge box office hit called “Space Jam”.

Michael Jordan is a genius, not only as a professional athlete, but also as an entrepreneur and a creative mind. In fact, he’s actually the one who came up with Nike’s whole “Air Jordan” concept, not Nike itself, and according to Forbes his brand currently generates more than $1 billion dollars in sales annually for the company. Forbes Magazine also ranked him No. 20 in 2010 on their Richest or Most Powerful Celebrities list with estimated earnings of $55 million dollars between 2009 and 2010. Not bad at all for a retired basketball player, I think that he’s one of the very few lucky athletes who’s been able to keep making more money despite being retired and out of the spotlight for so many years.

MJ is without any doubt the best player I’ve ever seen, his style, speed, and abilities inside the court place him in a whole different level, nobody has been nearly as good as this guy was back in his heyday, his skills were simply out of this world. I remember watching him play, and I also remember that everyone wanted to be like him. Those who say that LeBron James is better don’t know what they’re talking about, and I’m absolutely sure that they’ve never seen or never saw an entire Bulls game where Mike was playing, if they had, they wouldn’t be calling LeBron the greatest of all-time.

Michael Jordan is a 6 time NBA Champion, 6 time NBA Finals MVP, 5 time NBA Most Valuable Player, 14 time NBA All-Star, 3 time NBA All-Star Game MVP, 1 time NBA Defensive Player of The Year, 10 time NBA Scoring Champion, 3 time NBA Steals Champion, 2 time NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, NCAA Champion, NBA All-Time Leading Playoff Leading Scorer, and during his first year as a pro he was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1985.[1]

You can notice right off the bat that Mike was the most complete player in professional basketball and NBA history, he was the best slam dunker of his time, the best stealer, the highest scorer in the league during ten consecutive years, a great defenseman, and a world champion for a total of six times. Let’s face it, MJ has been the most talented and most accomplished basketball player ever, LeBron is good, no doubt about that, but not nearly as good as Jordan was. For all you King James lovers, I’m really sorry to disappoint you, not to mention that Mike has ten times more money, and is a far superior businessman overall.

But, how much is Michael Jordan really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines MJ has an estimated net worth of $650 million, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account his most recent earnings, we have come to the conclusion that Mike has a fortune of $720 million dollars approximately.

Michael Jordan Career Salary According to Basketball-Reference.com

1985-86 Chicago Bulls $630,000
1987-88 Chicago Bulls $845,000
1988-89 Chicago Bulls $2,000,000
1990-91 Chicago Bulls $2,500,000
1991-92 Chicago Bulls $3,250,000
1992-93 Chicago Bulls $4,000,000
1993-94 Chicago Bulls $4,000,000
1994-95 Chicago Bulls $3,850,000
1995-96 Chicago Bulls $3,850,000
1996-97 Chicago Bulls $30,140,000
1997-98 Chicago Bulls $33,140,000
2001-02 Washington Wizards $1,000,000
2002-03 Washington Wizards $1,030,000
Total Career Earnings: $90,235,000


As you can see Michael made a lot of money playing his favorite game, but he made a lot more from endorsements and business ventures. Mike is still a young guy, he has a lot of money, he’s very smart, so I’m sure that he will keep on earning more cash as time goes by, he will probably become a billionaire in a very short period of time, so stay stuned, because as soon as that happens we’ll let you know. He’s on his way, he already owns a Jet, and not just any yet, but a Gulfstream IV which is one of the most luxurious private Jets on the market today.


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  1. Gloria Kerney says:

    If I speak my mind I didn’t get interested in sports until I
    Watch the Chicago Bulls with Micheal Jordon playing spectacular every game! I’m not rich but I have somewhat of a collection of MJ’s collectibles I enjoyed watching his debonair stride across the floor. I love watching NFL and when you play for the love and passion of the game I am overtaken with so much excitement even when I’m feeling down it brings so much stamina to me!!!! Hard Work Dedication !!!

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