Mark Cuban

mark cuban
Mark Cuban Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $2.5 Billion

Mark Cuban is one of the few guys in the world that really took advantage of the dot com boom era, in 1995 he founded a company called Audionet along with his close friend Todd Wagner, in 1998 the company became and in 1999 he sold to Yahoo! for $5.9 billion US dollars, a business transaction which skyrocketed his net worth to about $2.3 billion dollars at that time.

After selling Mark has kept on being an active businessman, he even purchased a pro NBA basketball team in the year 2000, he bought the team because basketball is probably his favorite hobby and his biggest passion, apart from basketball he also loves luxury, he has his own private yet, a huge mansion and some of the coolest rides I’ve ever seen.

I wish I could go back in time, I would’ve bought all the best domains and then I would have made a fortune like Cuban, you can tell by the way he does business that he’s an extremely intelligent person who also has great vision, I mean a lot of people back then had the opportunity to secure million dollar domain names yet very few really took advantage of the life changing opportunity that they had in their hands.

So, how much is Mark Cuban really worth? According to Forbes Magazine he has a net worth of $2.5 billion dollars, he’s ranked #222 in Forbes Richest People List, and as everyone says “the more money you have the easier it gets”, since he’s so incredibly rich there’s no doubt that Mark will keep on making more money as time goes by, his net worth has not decreased over the last 10 years, in fact, it has only increased so I’m sure that he will just get richer throughout the following years.

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