Madonna Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $730 Million

Madonna (born Louise Veronica Ciccone), also known as the “Queen of Pop” or the “Material Girl”, landed in New York City looking for a better future when she was just 17 years old, and she only had $35 dollars in her pockets at that time. However, she soon found her place in the entertainment industry, as well as her passion, and 5 years later, in 1982, she released her first hit single titled “Everybody”, which only sold about 80,000 copies and earned her about $8900 or so in its first week of release. Things took a major shift in her career after releasing her first music video, “Everybody”, in which Ciccone appeared as the beautiful, sexy, and glamorous woman that she really is. When she dropped the video sales increased significantly, all the way up to more than 250,000.

Madonna’s first studio album titled “Madonna” was released in 1983, it included her first couple of hits “Everybody” and “Burning Up”. The album was quite successful and eventually sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. In 1984, Ciccone became an international celebrity after releasing her second studio album titled “Like a Virgin”, which made it to the number one spot of the Billboard 200, and it stayed there for several weeks. In fact, the album’s commercial success was so huge that the RIAA certified it Diamond after selling more than 10 million copies in the United States, and more than 21 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling albums in history.

Throughout her career, Madonna has sold more than 400 million albums worldwide, she is the most successful and also the best selling female artist of all time, in fact, the RIAA named her the best selling artist of the twentieth century. In 2008, Billboard Magazine ranked her #2, right behind the Beatles, on their Hot 100 All Time Top Artists list, and she was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that same year.

Apart from being a talented singer, Ciccone is also an author, fashion designer, producer, and entrepreneur. In 2010, Time Magazine named her one of the 25 most powerful women of the last century thanks to her commercial success as a performer. She has also influenced several artists such as Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga among many more.

In 2012, Madonna began her MDNA Tour, which according to Billboard, it was the most successful tour that year. Despite making more than $350 on her tour, Ciccone is still not a billionaire, but we actually think that she’s very close.

But, how much is Madonna really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines she currently has an estimated net worth of $650 million, other sources claim that she’s worth somewhere around $700 million. However, after making our own calculations and taking into account the most recent information about her career and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that she might be a little bit richer than what most people think, or say. We believe that Madonna has a total fortune of $730 million dollars approximately.

Forbes Magazine currently ranks Madonna at #5 on their 100 Richest Celebrities list, she’s also ranked at #1 in Money, and #29 in the World’s Most Powerful Women list.

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