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Jim Jones Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $9.2 Million

This page is about Jim Jones the rapper, who’s real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, he is one of the original members of the hip hop group called “The Diplomats”, also known as “Dipset”, so don’t confuse him with James Warren Jones, the founder of the “Peoples Temple” who was also called “Jim Jones”.

Joseph or “Jimmy” as some of his friends call him is a well known rapper from New York City, he’s dropped amazing tracks throughout his career such as “We Fly High” and “Summer Wit Miami”, which are probably my two personal favorite. I’ve always liked Dipset, and I honestly believe that without Cam’ron, Jones, and Santana the group would have never been as popular as it is now. Even though most members of the group have launched their own solo careers they’ve been able to get together every now and then in order to create great tracks that we can listen to with joy. However, this page isn’t about Dipset, it’s about Jones and how much money he has, how he spends it, and how much more is he going to make, so if you want to know how much he’s truly worth continue reading.

The other day I read an old article from 2011 at MissInfo.tv that actually inspired me to create my own article about Jimmy, this one. It talked about how he had spent 8 million dollars at Sony making an album before it even was released. So, if he owed Sony eight million dollars back then how in the world is he able to still be worth more than that in 2013? Well apparently Mr. Jones is a very lucky man, very lucky indeed because he didn’t have to pay back Sony a dime, they told him to forget about it and that he should focus on his music instead. That’s why Jimmy still has so much money, because if things had played out differently he would probably be bankrupt by now.

If you decide to check out MissInfo’s article make sure to read the comments at the bottom of the page, because even though the article is a little bit outdated it’s still relevant to this one, and you’ll see some people saying that Jones was a one hit wonder, that he will never be as hot as we was back in the day, when he released that mega hit “Ballin'”. I’m aware of the fact that Jimmy doesn’t sell as much as he used too, but I don’t agree with most of those comments, because I don’t believe that he won’t be able to sell millions of records again, he’s still young, he’s still a talented hip hop artist, and I’m sure that he will surprise us at any time.

How much is Jim Jones the rapper worth? Our estimate is $9.2 million dollars, most websites have estimated his fortune at $10 million dollars or more, but in this case I’ll have to disagree, Jones isn’t selling that much and according to what I’ve seen he’s definitely spending a lot, that’s why I’m sure that those numbers have dropped down a notch, because you can’t hold on to a lot of money if you ain’t making a lot of it.

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