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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $250 Million

According to Forbes, Floyd Mayweather’s cumulative career earnings would hit $350 million dollars after the “Canelo” Alvarez fight due to the fact that Floyd had a $41.5 million guarantee. However, Floyd’s talent and discipline have taken him to a whole ‘nother level of stardom and wealth, because his last fight broke all pay per view records with 2.45 million buys worldwide, which translates to $136,853,700 US dollars in revenue.[1] Thanks to all of those pay-per-view buys, Floyd’s payday increased to almost $82 million, making it an all-time record.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had an estimated net worth of $170 million dollars in 2013, Forbes ranked him at #14 on the world’s highest paid athletes list, but things are about to change, Floyd will probably be hitting the #1 spot soon because I don’t think that there’s a single athelete out there who’s able to make more than $80 million dollars in one hour or less.

“Money” Mayweather or Pretty Boy Floyd as I like to call him has an estimated net worth of $250 million dollars in 2013, to recalculate how much money he has we simply added the $81.5 million he made in hist last fight to the $170 million which had been previously reported by other reputable sources.

Mayweather is still very young, well not that young if you think boxing, but things are changing, science, technology and medicine are allowing athletes to last longer and, by longer I mean that they can perform at the top level for more years, just take a look at Bernard Hopkins who’s been able to break all records, the oldest man ever to be called world champion, heck, he’s still beating up upcoming boxing stars, mostly undefeated young boys.

Just a couple of days ago “Money” Mayweather made a 23 year old kid (Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez) look like an amateur, in fact, I’ve seen amateurs fight better against Floyd and, it looks like there’s no stopping him now, he’s faster than ever (honestly I had never seen Floyd so fast!), he is stronger than ever, smarter, better prepared, more musucular, he’s got it all, he is the best and he will keep on making millions and millions of dollars without any doubt fight after fight.

So, now you know how much is Floyd Mayweather worth, don’t forget to save or bookmark this page because we will update it every time he makes more money, or when he loses it, because you have to keep in mind that this guy loves spending, I’m sure that he would have a lot more money if his entourage wasn’t as big as it is, or if he didn’t have so many luxury cars, or so many mansions, etc. He’s smart and very rich at the moment, but if he doesn’t watch out he will end up losing all of his fortune in a heartbeat, just think taxes and cash flow and you’ll feel what I’m saying.


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