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dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $34 Million

David Khari Webber Chappelle is probably my favorite comedian of all time, I mean, the guy’s a genius, he’s not only one of the greatest stand-up artists to have ever lived, he’s also a very talented screenwriter, television and film producer, and actor. Most of you probably remember him from “Chappelle’s Show”, which was an extremely popular tv series produced by Comedy Partners, and that aired in Comedy Central for two full seasons. The success of the show was so huge, that when they released the first season DVD it instantly became the best-selling TV series set of all time, beating by a large margin some of the most popular shows of all time such as “The Simpsons”, “Friends”, and “Seinfeld” among many others.

Before Chappelle struck gold and made his fortune in “Chappelle’s Show” he had already appeared in several box office hits such as Con Air, The Nutty Professor, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Half Baked, Blue Streak, Undercover Brother, and many others. However, even though he gained some recognition as a comedian during those days, his real big break came when Comedy Central decided to give him his own show, which eventually was syndicated to various tv stations in the USA and aired on Comedy Central around the world in countries such as Brazil, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.

David Chappelle’s fame and fortune comes from his work as a comedian, he made and still makes most, if not all of his money doing stand-up comedy, hosting shows, writing screenplays, directing and producing both movies and television shows, and acting (mostly in comedy films). Dave’s one of the best, that’s why he gets paid top dollar, because everyone on earth loves to see him perform.

Even though Dave hasn’t been very active in recent years, I’m sure he’s still making a lot of money, and he must be in a very comfortable financial situation, because not that long ago he turned down a $50 Million dollar contract to return to his old tv show in Comedy Central.

David is still young, he’s only 40 years old, he’s probably the most talented comedian on the planet at this moment, I’m sure he will never have problems finding a good job where he gets paid a high salary for doing what he loves most, which is entertain people. In fact, sources recently reported that Chappelle has already returned to stand up, so it won’t take long before we start seeing him everywhere again.

But, how much is Dave Chappelle really worth? According to several online media outlets and magazines, David has an estimated net worth of $30 million, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account his most recent work, earnings and salary, we have come to the conclusion that he has a total fortune of $34 million dollars approximately. Dave is not currently ranked in Forbes 100 Richest Celebrities list, however, during 2005 and 2006 he made the list and was ranked #78 and #82 respectively. I’m sure that if he makes a full comeback he will make more money than ever before, therefore, he will be included once again in Forbes Richest list for many years to come.


  1. gary rackner says:

    Chappelle is really funny and I mean he is really funny! However, I can’t respect him for letting a 50 million dollar contract go in order to “find” himself like Pryor tried to do. Who in his right mind would throw 50 Mill away regardless if he needed it or not for a couple more years of tv work. C’mon, the guy is young still and could of put up with the BS and later do what he’s doing now. Comic genius but kinda stupid.

    • SJ young says:

      Dave signed a contract with fox for half of the profits because no one thought he would be successful. But $500 million is what he made and fox said we will only pay $50 million or 10% breaching the contract when he wouldn’t accept they went on a media campaign to dis troy is repetition saying her crazy. Because of it he didn’t work for years. They still bad mouthing him with the media.

  2. Lou Sachz says:

    A mans worth is way more valuable than any dollar amount and I take my hat off to him and respect.

  3. I imagine there mut have been a tremendous amount of pressure surrounding that tpe of money. Comedy is hard work…it’s almost like writing song. Once your get that contract for that big payday..much is expected of you….from everyone who is dependent on it and you….the pressure for a young man in these circumstances is expected.

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