Chief Keef

Chief Keef Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $7.5 Million

Chief Keef is definitely on his way to the top, the kid’s got talent no doubt about that, and now he has money too. According to Keith Cozart signed a three-album deal with Interscope Records that could easily pay him well over $6 million dollars, so I guess that means that Keef is now really “finally rich”. However, he doesn’t have all that money yet, the young rapper has to deliver results in order to get the money that he was promised, because according to if Cozart and the rest of the guys involved in the Glory Boyz deal have losses that exceed $4.5 million Interscope has the right to drop them.

Chief Keef just turned 18, that means that he is now legally an adult, so that means that he will probably now have access to a lot more money than in the previous years. Even though Cozart has not received all the money from the Interscope deal yet, that doesn’t mean that he’s not worth more than $6 million, because he actually is, in fact, he got the results that he wanted and that Interscope wanted as well last year, so that means that the deal is still on, and he will earn more than six million over the next following two years. Keep in mind that one year has already passed since the deal was signed, so only two more to go and voila, more money than he could ever dream of.

But, how much is Chief Keef really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines Cozart has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, other sources claim that he’s only worth $500 thousand. However, after making our own calculations and taking into account the most recent information about his career, salary and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that he has a total fortune of $7.5 million dollars approximately.

Forbes Magazine has not listed Keef yet on their 100 Richest Celebrities list or the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, but if he ever makes to one of these lists we will update this page and let you know as soon as it happens.


  1. kris campbell says:

    Chief my dawg taking off! Making that $, my dude is almost to the top! #CHIEF300

  2. Thats my niqqa

  3. michoNumba4 says:

    My nigga chief already at the top, how many of you niggas can walk to a dealership and by all the cars in straight cassh. if you cvan do that you already through the ceiling!

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