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Charlie Sheen Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $132 Million

I’ve been watching Carlos Irwin Estévez perform all my life, he’s older than me, so I’ve been watching him act since I was a little kid. I have to admit that he’s one of my favorite actors of all time, I’ve enjoyed all his films, especially old ones such as “Platoon”, “Wall Street”, “Major League” and “Hot Shots!”, which are all epic and that everyone who loves film should see. I’ve also watched every tv show that he’s been on, “Anger Management” is simply hilarious, and “Two and a Half Men” was probably my favorite sitcom right up until Warner Bros. and CBS decided to fire him, too bad, their loss. I’m sure they’ve felt the impact of Charlie’s absence ever since Ashton Kutcher took over the show, “Two and a Half Men” just isn’t what it used to be.

Charlie has made his fortune by starring on popular films and TV shows, he’s a damn good actor who can play any role he wants, his acting career spans more than 25 years in the entertainment business, which means that he is definitely a master of his craft, when you spend so much time doing something out of pure love, then you will naturally become good at it. I mean, Sheen’s talent is very rare, he has so much versatility as an actor that sometimes is even hard to believe, don’t you think?

Charlie was born to be rich and famous, both his parents were successful artists as well, his father Martin Sheen is well known for appearing in some of the best films of all time such as “Apocalypse Now” and “Badlands”, and his mother Janet Templeton was a great influence in his life, always encouraging him to follow his dreams. With so much natural talent it was really no surprise to see him rise to the top like he did, it’s a shame he couldn’t handle fame and fortune that well, otherwise we would still be laughing our pants off if he was still appearing on “Two and a Half Men”.

But, how much is Charlie Sheen really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines Charlie has an estimated net worth of $125 million, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account his most recent work we have come to the conclusion that Sheen’s net wealth is $132 million dollars approximately. Forbes ranked him #67 in their 2013 100 Richest Celebrities list with $10 million in earnings throughout the entire year.

Carlos Irwin Estevez still has a lot of time in his hands, he’s currently doing very well, he’s probably not making the same amount of money that he was making in Two and a Half Men, where he made $1.25 million per episode. But, even though he’s not making that much money, he’s still making more money than most actors, so everything’s alright, no need to worry about Charlie because he’s doing fine, and he will probably do better as time goes by and his acting skills improve.

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