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bob marley
Bob Marley Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $140 Million

Robert Nesta Marley, perhaps the greatest reggae singer that ever lived, in fact, I believe that there has never been anyone quite like him, and I’m sure that there will never be. It’s really amazing when someone comes along and you don’t expect much, but suddenly that person is able to find his or her own inner voice and becomes an instant success practically overnight. Now, I’m not saying that Robert didn’t have any talent at the earlier stages of his career, because he actually did, and everyone knew it. What I’m saying is that most people probably didn’t expect much from him because he came from a place in Jamaica called the Nine Mile, which at that time was a very poor area where only farmers lived, there was no electricity, no water, no nothing, and since there was nothing interesting to do Robert developed a passion for playing instruments, especially the guitar.

When Robert was 12 years old his mother Cedella Booker thought it would be a great idea to move to Kingston, she was trying to provide her kids with a better life, so they moved to Trenchtown in Kingston, a place that would be later defined by Bob Marley himself as “the melting pot, the place where all the talent in Jamaica was created”, and that’s when Marley’s career as a musician really started taking off. Now I don’t know if those were his exact same words, but I’m sure it was something along those lines.

Bob started his career as a musician at a very young age, in 1962 he was only 17 years old when he recorded his first four songs, and in 1963 he formed along with Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Cherry Smith, Beverley Kelso, and Junior a band that was then known as “The Teenagers”, however, the band quickly changed its name to “The Wailing Rudeboys”, then they changed it to the Wailing Wailers, until they met a record producer called Coxsone Dodd who changed the name of the group permanently to “The Wailers”.

The Wailers broke up in 1974, and even though Bob pursued a solo career, he continued recording as “Bob Marley & The Wailers”. In 1977 Robert released his album “Exodus”, which included the hit singles “Exodus”, “Jamming”, “Waiting in Vain”, and “One Love” among several others, the album also turned him into a living legend right away.

The source of Bob’s wealth is music, he has sold more than 80 million album copies worldwide, both his name and his music have kept on making a lot of money throughout the years, in fact, Forbes Magazine named him one of the Top Earning Dead Celebrities in 2013 with estimated earnings of over $18 million dollars. I’m sure that his wife Rita Marley, and also his sons Sharon, Damian, Ziggy, Ky-Mani, Julian, Robert, and Cedella among several others live very comfortably thanks to their father’s legacy.

But, how much is Bob Marley really worth? Well, according to several online media outlets and magazines he currently has an estimated net worth of $130 million, however, after making our own calculations and taking into account the most recent information about his career, salary, and earnings, we have come to the conclusion that he might be a little bit richer than what most people think, or say. We believe that Bob Marley has a total fortune of $140 million dollars today. Before he died he has worth somewhere around $30 million.

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