Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson Net Worth 2014 – 2015: $1 Million

Allen Iverson is one of the best basketball players I have ever seen in my life, I honestly can’t believe that he currently has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars or less. I mean he’s like one of the best players ever, and he’s been at it for a very long time, in fact, he even played during the Jordan era and holds the record as the second highest scorer per game in history right behind Michael Jordan.

Allen Iverson apparently loves spending money, he’s currently broke, even after making more than $155 million dollars throughout his 17 year pro basketball career he’s still in debt. However, according to our sources Iverson has an account worth $32 million dollars which he can’t touch until he’s 55 years old, but the account does provide him with an extra $1 million dollars each year so he isn’t as broke as everyone thinks he is.

allen iverson
I think that the reason why several websites, newspapers and magazines have reported his net worth at -$1 million is because he is still in a lot of debt, so the million dollar that he gets flows right through his hands like water after paying what he owes.

So how much is Allen Iverson really worth? Well some people say that he’s worth -$1 million, we say he’s worth at least $1 million at the moment, and in 10 years his fortune will skyrocket to at least $30 million when he receives his $30 million Reebok Trust Fund.

Career Earnings and Salary:

– 1996-97 Philadelphia 76ers $2.2 M
– 1997-98 Philadelphia 76ers $3.1 M
– 1998-99 Philadelphia 76ers $3.5 M
– 1999-00 Philadelphia 76ers $9 M
– 2000-01 Philadelphia 76ers $10.1 M
– 2001-02 Philadelphia 76ers $11.25 M
– 2002-03 Philadelphia 76ers $12.3 M
– 2003-04 Philadelphia 76ers $13.5 M
– 2004-05 Philadelphia 76ers $14.6 M
– 2005-06 Philadelphia 76ers $16.4 M
– 2006-07 Denver Nuggets NBA $17.1 M
– 2007-08 Denver Nuggets NBA $19 M
– 2008-09 Detroit Pistons NBA $20.8 M
– 2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers $1.029 M
– 2009-10 Memphis Grizzlies $161 Thousand
– Total Career Earnings: $155 M

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